Application for admission as a producer member

I, the undersigned, as an authorized representative of the organization specified below, ask that said organization be admitted as a producer member of the Ægir Cooperative.

I declare that the organization, its members, management and/or staff:

  • have an interest as a user of the cooperative's services.
  • are committed to providing its services to the cooperative when they are required.
  • undertake to respect the laws of the cooperative.
  • have completed a trial period as an auxiliaryr member of the cooperative.

The organization agrees its members will participate in training, both on technical matters, as well as cooperative operations.

The organization agrees to purchase and pay for the required shares, as set out in the by-laws.

Organization Details Authorized Representative
Name: Name:
Address: Title:
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Phone: Phone:
Date: _______________________________________ __________________________________________________________
(Authorized representative)